My name is Jeffrey Felix I wrote a book about my time guarding O.J. Simpson in prison.  Specifically, I was a prison guard at the Lovelock Correctional Center at Lovelock Nevada.  During the 7 years that O.J. was being incarcerated at my prison I had almost daily unfettered access to the most notorious and controversial celebrities currently being housed in the Nevada Department of Corrections, O.J. Simpson.  O.J. told me exactly what happened the night of the murders. O.J. and I discussed his friendship with the Kardashian children in which they all call him uncle Juice. In my book the reader will also understand the special treatment the Juice receives from the prison behind the razor wire fences. I am man of integrity and was offended when offered a million dollar bribe by the Juice (OJ Simpson), not to write this book. The book, Guarding the Juice will be in Barnes and Nobles and other fine stores early March 2016. Also the book will be available on line on Kindle, amazon etc.